Online forum while on travel

Can you trust airline-sponsored travel forums? Some info is biased

Travel forums are excellent resources for people who want to find out more about air travel, airline companies, and flight conditions. Most of them contain real accounts and experiences from travelers around the world.

However, just as it is the case with every online venue that serves as a communication area, one has to ponder if you can really trust airline-sponsored travel forums? Are the people there well-intentioned or are they doing the dirty work for the big airline companies? And is the info posted on these threads accurate or biased? Let’s find out!

Power to the people

For as long as the internet has existed people felt the need to share their experiences with companies from across the world. Some people felt the need to tell others about the benefits of excellent service while others tried to warn consumers not to make the same mistakes as they did.

The habit of sharing experiences quickly became a worldwide industry that encompasses today product descriptions, service ratings and travel guides. Most of this information is available on forums that are open to the public. However, it wasn’t long before companies thought of gaining control of them.

Word of mouth: neighborly or toxic?

Airline-sponsored travel forums are part of this category, and while some people trust them, others consider them to be biased. And who can blame them? If the airline companies can control the content of the threads, they can eliminate any discussion with a potentially negative impact on their fortunes as they please.

These forums abound in useful information about flight conditions and options for passengers. They also offer helpful tips in case your flight gets delayed or canceled. When you complain about missing your flight at the company’s fault, there will always be another user advising you on how to get a form of compensation. But, are these faceless, virtual advisors friends or foes?

How much of it is fake news?

The concept of “fake news” is relatively new, but people have already discovered its toxic effect. Countries like the UK have formed special committees to investigate this issue at a national level in all forms of media.

It is no surprise that passengers who have been wronged by airline companies to distrust the online forums belonging to their perpetrators. Why should they believe the information coming from a source that could be biased and detrimental to their endeavor of getting compensated? One should tread carefully in these online chat arenas where few users are to be trusted.

Who is there left to trust?

In the end, you need to have a reliable solution to receiving compensation for a delayed or canceled flight. If you cannot trust the airline-sponsored travel forums, you have to turn to experts in this field who can help you with genuine help.

Your best choice is to avoid biased forums discussions and leave everything to the professionals. Make your claim, relax and wait for the company to pay you back.