Will We Be Gambling in Airplanes

Will We Be Gambling in Airplanes?

Plenty of people all around the world are enjoying gambling. This is proven from casino proliferation all around the world. Availability of physical and online casinos is letting gabling freaks to enjoy their favorite games anywhere anytime. Not only this, lucrative bonus offering platforms like CND Casino Bonus are adding more spice in gambling. The growing interest of people in gambling is making the aviation industry consider it seriously. 

Gambling in airplanes:

Ancillary revenue which is being generated by the money passengers are paying for on-board meals, seats, bags and more, has become an extremely important stream of revenue in the aviation industry. Surprisingly, gambling in airplanes can increase this revenue, then why not consider it more common. 

Flight casinos for long-haul flights for first and business class passengers:

You might have heard about the report for “The Independent” by Simon Calder about plans to contain in-flight casinos to be made for the long-haul flights available for business and first-class passengers.

 It might be because airlines consider that people from these classes have more disposable money. Even more, these groups of people have the ability to afford to lose and are less likely to be affected negatively. 

What is more? Passengers on long haul flights are providing a captive audience and always want some better entertainment means to stave off their potential boredom. 

Flight casinos for long-haul flights
Flight casinos for long-haul flights

Gambling while airborne is not new:

Gambling is always being considered as an effective revenue generator for multiple commercial enterprise types. Whether it is buying lottery tickets in the supermarket and playing slots in a pub, most of the fields are happy to make extra money by offering gambling products. Similar is in the aviation industry. There is a long history of gambling in airlines, even though most of the people don’t know about that.

  • A little research has shown that Swissair offered gambling on their flights up to $350 in the 1990s. 
  • However, if you go a bit earlier, Singapore Airlines also put slot machines as a test in the aisle for a couple of months in the year 1981. 
Gambling while airborne
Gambling while airborne

Will wi-fi change the gambling in airplanes game?

When more aircrafts are going to be connected with the internet, gambling will become more feasible. Conceivably, this will help airlines to operate their own flying casinos online and make more revenue in this manner. 

Even though multiple airlines would be unable to buy their own flying casinos, this venture can be sold to multiple airlines. With the growth of multiple online casinos and casino bonus platforms like cndcasinobonus.com, it can be seen that many people would like to pay and play for slots or poker to wipe away their longer plane hours. 

Final thoughts:

People can have an enjoyable journey on planes if there will be gambling in airplanes with a wi-fi connection. With the perspective of generating more revenue, this can be an attractive option for airlines too. But it would be worthwhile only when it is done with proper considerations.